Host Family:

Staying with a host family will be a great opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish communication. It will also give you the chance to know more about Argentineans way of living.

You will have a private room. Breakfast and dinner will be included from Monday to Friday. No meals during weekends.

US$ 240 per week

Shared Apartment:

Ideal for those students who want to have a great cultural experience as they share daily living with local or foreign people.

You will have a private room. Meals are not included.

US$ 150 per week

Private Apartment:

They are fully equipped apartments to enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay. The main one is located in Av. Córdoba and Gallo, just a few minutes distance walking from the School.

US$ 180 per week

All the accommodations are carefully chosen by our staff and are located very close to InterBA, usually at a short walking distance and never more than 20 minutes away by bus or metro.

We offer a variety of accommodation options to fulfill your budget needs and also with the aim of supporting the kind of experience that you are searching for. The different accommodations are: With a Host family, in a Shared apartment or in a Private apartment.

  • Bed linen is provided in all cases.
  • All the accommodations start on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday midday.